Dr. Sante Cucumber Balance Control. Mineral Face Mask


Dr. Sante Cucumber Balance Control. Mineral Face Mask

75 ml /  2,6 fl oz

Mineral Face Mask is formulated with white clay (kaolin). It helps to improve complexion and reduce pore size, making your skin noticeably smoother. The mask regulates sebum secretion and has a matte effect on oily and combination skin.

The product contains natural plant and mineral components. It is infused with vitamins and special patented complexes. Saw palmetto extract contained in the mask makes your skin less oily, helps to reduce pore size and prevent clogged pores by regulating sebum secretion. Cucumber extract intensely moisturizes your skin and enriches it with minerals.

White clay (kaolin) absorbs excess sebum and helps to narrow the pores. It also has a light drying effect and helps to smooth out acne scars. Vitamin A prevents acne marks and scars. Innovative complexes Acnacidol® and Vital ET® suppress excess sebum secretion and reduce skin redness.


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