Dr.Sante Argan Oil Day Cream 40+



Dr.Sante Argan Oil Day Cream 40+

50 ml / 1,7 fl oz

For mature skin

Coenzyme Q10

Intensive Care Anti-Wrinkle

  • 0% mineral dyes
  • smoothes wrinkles
  • gives elasticity
  • moisturizes

Lifting Cream is specially designed for the specific features of mature skin aged 40 and over. The cream with antioxidants, softening and moisturizing ingredients, reduces existing wrinkles, slows down the process of age-related changes of the skin, improves the appearance, tightens the facial contours.

Argan oil is rich in tocopherols and unsaturated fatty acids. Provides comprehensive care: nourishes, moisturizes, regenerates and protects the skin, reduces wrinkles. The oil is involved in the synthesis of natural collagen and elastin.

Coenzyme Q10 stimulates vital processes in the skin.

GP4G – component of plankton

Artemia salina– are a source of additional energy of the skin, prevent dryness.

Vitamin E moisturizes and is a powerful antioxidant.


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