Dr. Sante Pure Code. Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash


Dr. Sante Pure Code. Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash

Dr. Sante Pure Code presents Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash for perfect cleansing. Suitable for all skin types, the product includes  aquaporins, aloe Vera leaf juice, rice bran extract, and hyaluronic acid. It cleanses the skin delicately yet efficiently without extra lather or rubbing.

The effect of Pure Code Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash is based on micelles, tiny particles with a hydrophilic “head” and a hydrophobic “tail”. They effectively bind dirt and oil and then remove them from your face without damaging the skin. Due to micelles skin is cleansed delicately and efficiently at the same time.

Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash by Dr. Sante Pure Code is enriched with natural moisturizing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera leaf juice, and aquaporin. As a result, the product not only makes your skin look clean, fresh and glowing, but also helps to keep it hydrated.

For all skin types.

Possible for sensitive skin.

Free of allergens, silicones, colorants, parabens, SLS/SLES.


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